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Baj is an author and freelance creative. Her graphic design roots go back to 2003, to typography and collage experiments in Microsoft PowerPoint. After publishing her first book in 2018, Baj began supplementing writing with designing and selling novelty merchandise and part-time client work.

She works almost exclusively with digital mediums, Affinity Designer and Procreate being her most favored. She loves imperfect hand-lettering, stylistic art, and primitive, doodle-style line work. Most of her inspiration stems from quirky pop culture dating back decades, midcentury illustration (Edith Head, Aurelius Battaglia, Mary Blair), Disney movies, and whimsical artists she admires passively online.

Baj is a book addict, music connoisseur, and self-proclaimed geek. Sweatpants and snacks are among her favorite things.

She resides in East Texas with her husband, Mark, and their two Chorkies. RDB is Baj and Mark's brainchild.

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Connor is a graphic designer with experience in printmaking (i.e., screenprinting, relief, intaglio). He draws inspiration from the work of Peter Voth, Paul Elder, and George Nakashima, and works primarily in digital mediums, Illustrator being his go-to tool. He loves historic practices and arcane methods, and finds joy in fine woodworking, architecture, and beverage label design.

In 2015, Connor co-designed the brand identity for a new residence hall at the University of North Texas, and in 2020 took part in a company rebranding for his employer.

Connor is also an avid home brewer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, and aspiring woodworker. He was an Air Force kid, harbors what he calls “an unhealthy obsession” with Europe, and as a child was certain of two things – that Adult Connor would drink coffee and have a beard. Adult Connor has accomplished both.

He lives with his wife in Denton, Texas.

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Emily is the founder of and soul creator for The Woodland Brush. She works with watercolor and gouache, is passionate about creation, Scripture, and literature, and loathes bacon. She is also a writer and photographer. She loves folksy art styles that blend organically with nature and provoke deep thoughts and daydreams.

Emily lives with her husband and two hobbit offspring in Illinois.

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Julianna, or Jules, is the founder of The Crown of Jewels (COJ), a platform to motivate discouraged women in their faith, personal growth, career ambitions, health and fitness, motherhood, relationships, and more. Jules has always loved design in its many forms, and although she is new to graphic design, she hopes to use it as a tool to lift up and share her testimony with as many women as possible.

She most loves designs that show humor, a spunky attitude, and transparency about life’s ups and downs.

Jules lives with her two children in East Texas.

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Josh is a designer at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge. He specializes in graphic design, visual communications, and print media, and has even had the liberty of designing elements for a Kanye West concert. He derives inspiration from daily life and is passionate about design and teaching. He loves Star Wars and has a wondrous beard.

Josh resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his three awesome kids and smoking-hot wife.

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Hanna is an illustrator, author, and book-lover. She has been drawing since her chubby little toddler hands could hold a crayon; it was mostly princesses and kittens then, and honestly, not much has changed! Hanna specializes in light, airy art for books, mostly maps and character illustrations, and even has her own Young Adult series of illustrated fairytale retellings.

When she isn’t drawing or reading, she can usually be found watching nerdy TV shows with her husband or chasing her three little girls.

Hanna resides in Canada.

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